This Is Stephen Pierce

To characterize Stephen's journey as "gangster to guru" would be an over-simplification of the impact this mover and shaker has had on the lives of hundreds of thousands of home-based business entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and corporate marketing professionals around the world.

A Washington, D.C. native, Stephen Pierce barely survived on its means streets during the 1980's. He was a high-school drop-out by 16 with no source of income, a bullet left in his left leg from a gang war gone wrong, and family and friends who no longer believed in him. It was only then that Stephen Pierce knew he needed to stop blaming everyone else for his problems and start claiming the future he knew he deserved.

He started one business after another. Despite his positive outlook, he eventually had to file for bankruptcy and then became homeless. He was blessed with the goodwill of one last believer who let him sleep in his office at night. Stephen borrowed a computer and an internet connection - and started to learn about a thing called the "world wide web." It was the early 1990's and the internet boom was beginning to be heard around the world.

Soon, Stephen Pierce discovered he had a knack for pick futures and commodities trades. After years of giving away his trading tips for free on a forum - and discovering his tips were worth $725,000 in profit to anyone who had followed them, he started a membership site, using self-taught web design skills. He sent an email to the 1,200 people on his list and waited.

After the first $350 order came in several minutes later, the momentum didn't stop. Stephen made just over $35,000 two weeks later and $500,000 that first year.

The second year in business Stephen was devastated when the CFTC called him out for not having the proper trading risk disclaimers at the bottom of his websites. The CFTC said it was internet fraud to not properly disclose the risk of trading futures and commodities on websites giving trading advice.

Stephen was so new to running his business and marketing on the internet, not to mention any advertising regulations for futures and commodities, he thought the CFTC would understand that he just didn't know.

In the end, the CFTC said it was the responsibility of Pierce to know the rules of the industry. So, Stephen Pierce and the CFTC settled the fraud claim as a non-criminal civil monetary penalty.

"That cost me $50,000 in attorney fees and CFTC fines. Ignorance in business is costly." Said Pierce, who since then became a learning junkie because he didn't ever want to be caught off guard again not knowing what he's supposed to know about his business.

Since that time in 2003, Stephen has read over 700 books on business, marketing, sales, psychology, and strategy. "I became learning obsessed. I would much prefer to invest $50,000 in learning and improving myself, then throw it away on fines and attorney fees when it could have all been avoided if I just took the time to know what I didn't know." Said Pierce.

As the years when by, Stephen has grossed millions of dollars from selling products and services across several media platforms.

"We are heroes of value and wealth creation," says Stephen. As host of The Success Sculpting Show with Stephen Pierce podcast, Stephen says "I help people to sculpt a more meaningful and memorial life of success, by helping them to get strong and be strong enough, log enough to win."